Nicole Geerkens

Executive Officer

European Logistics Association




As a construction designer Nicole Geerkens first worked in the construction sector where she soon rolled into purchasing. Changing from the construction to the metal industry showed her the diversity of the job and soon she was responsible for the commodities in stainless steel and aluminium alloys. For many years she was the representative for Belgium in the European Logistics Association. As a result she got the offer to manage the association in 2000. Being multilingual in an international association was for sure not the only added value she had to offer.


Over the years ELA moved from a more academic prospective to an association that promotes the professions of logistics and supply chain management and not the sector. This makes that ELA is a neutral body orientated towards all industries and sectors as there is none which doesn’t have any logistics and supply chain profiles.

Via the ELA Awards the organisation wants to inspire companies to develop not only innovative but also sustainable solutions for the challenges they face. Having connections with the European Parliament and the Commission to create awareness that logistics is not only transport and that the needs of the industry are so much more. Promoting the European Supply Chain Day supports the industry in finding new persons who want to work in logistics and supply chain functions. Last but not least training and education based on ELA Standards of competence helps to develop the right profiles needed in the market. With the ELA Certification a common base is created to make sure that we all speak the same language.

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