Jack Semple

Director of Policy

Road Haulage Association Ltd



Jack Semple joined the Road Haulage Association as director of policy ten years ago, after working as a journalist for most of the preceding 25 years. He was involved the development of HGV road user levy, which was introduced by the UK government in spring 2014 after strong public support from the RHA. In the decade before, when he was a transport sector journalist, he wrote extensively about the HGV road charging project, an initiative which aimed to introduce distance-based charging of HGVs on all UK roads. It was led by the UK Treasury department and was one of the government’s major IT projects, before being  abandoned in 2005 after three years’ work.

The RHA is a leading UK trade association, representing transport and logistics companies of all sizes, from the largest to the single-truck hauliers. It promotes enterprise, productivity, safety and regulatory compliance. It has launched the annual National Lorry Week as part of a campaign to re-brand the industry, to raise awareness of its vital role in the economy and to highlight the career opportunities it offers.


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